The Persistent Year 2015

Yi Jing
The hexagram of the year 2015 is Sheng. The Sheng hexagram demonstrates that in the year 2015, we must have high perseverance to achieve or goal. Get rid of bad habits will help our effort to fix the problem. If we are able to keep our efforts, we will earn good results.

The year wood goat ( Yi Wei) will be started on February 4th 2015 and will be ended on February 3rd, 2016.

The year of 2015 is dominated by Wood element,soil element and hidden fire element.Refer to those elements we are able to look at that the wood control the soil. However the hidden fire element makes the wood element faces difficulties to control the soil. Those descriptions tell us, we will not expect the problem that occured in 2014 can be solved easily in 2015.

Feng Shui
In the year 2015, when we will renovate or conduct ground breaking to our property, we should keep away from several directions to avoid misfortune. Those directions are Goat directions (South West 1), West, North East 1. Furthermore we better not to use West,South East and Central area of our property for important activities and or for a long duration.