The 2014 – The Year of Aggressiveness – Advancements – Conflicts

According to Chinese Metaphysics disciplines, energy always moves from time to time and will affect the quality of human life. Each period is dominated by certain energy that will affect to the “character” of that particular period.

In 2014, called as Wood Horse (Jia Wu) year, the aggressive energy will be produced by fire which strengthened by wood element. This aggressive energy will create many significant progresses but also cause many conflicts throughout the year.

The main concern is to understand how the aggressive energy would give the impacts to us. Every person will get a different effect from the energy aggressiveness, depends on individual BaZi composition. A person who needs fire element in his/her BaZi chart will get many favorable results. On the other hand, a person who has a very strong or very weak fire element in his/her BaZi chart will need extra efforts to manage the upcoming challenges.

In 2014, any major renovation in the South sector (Wu/Horse direction) of your house should be postponed to avoid losses and sorrow in the near future. However if you have to do so, I would suggest you to seek advice from a professional ZeRi consultant to select the renovation date for minimizing the negative impacts to you and your family.

Moreover, it would be better if you could avoid/minimize your main activities in the North West sector of your property.