ZeRi (Date Selection)

Date selection is about selecting the most suitable date for specific activities, based on the positive qi energies present on that day. Why do you need to bother with such thing?

You might have days that everything seems going wrong and wish you could turn back the time to make everything runs better as you’ve planned it to be.

The Precious Life Consulting, through Date Selection / ZeRi method, will help you to settle on the favorable time for you to perform your activity in order to get the optimum result with proper effort, either for personal purposes as well as for business/professional purposes.

Here are some examples of what good dates are commonly used for:

  • Personal purposes:

    Partial or full renovation, moving into a new house, marriage, burial, travel, etc.
  • Business/Professional purposes:

    Scheduling a crucial meeting, negotiating, signing business contract, business opening, business dealing, etc