BaZi Consultation for Corporation

Do you know what is your company’s hiring cost for one employee? How long does it take you to fill one vacancy? Finally, have you find out that he/she is totally suitable in his/her role as you, as an owner/user, expected?

There are two common hiring pitfalls that come up to almost all companies. First, the company recruits the wrong condidates and second, the company accidentally rejects the suitable candidates. Making a wrong decision is very costly and will give negative effect to other employee’s morale.

As BaZi analysis discover the critical information of a candidate more than just his/her personality traits, it allows you to understand his/her passion, his/her relationships quality with peers, superior and subordinates. In this case, it will indeed help a recruiter to seek the suitable person not only the one that fit with the job and roles but also fit with the people around him/her. Thus, the recruitment process will be much more effortless.

The Precious Life Consulting will assist your company “To find the Right Man for the Right Role in the Right Time.

What will you do to your existing employees then?

“People is the greatest asset of a company”. Many companies assert that, yet only few practice what they stated. The main problem is simply because it is not an easy thing to manage “this asset”. As the greatest asset, you need to nurture your people to ensure they provide a long-lasting economic benefit for your company.

How well can you develop your people? How can you find the right method to assess and develop your people based on their passion and capacity as people actually have more potential inside than is visible outside?

The Precious Life Consulting assists your company to get the best out of your people by unlocking their hidden potential. By aligning each potential to job responsibilities will increase the contribution value, or commonly known as productivity, as well as employee’s engagement as an impact of being recognized.
Through comprehensive BaZi analysis, The Precious Life Consulting will help your company to value your people beyond their expectation