BaZi Consultation for Personal Benefits

Everyone is born with a different destiny (capacity) in his/her path of life.
However there is still a possibility to conciously change your destiny through your thoughts, attitude, and actions.

Why you need to unlock your given capacity
BaZi analysis will give you a profound understanding about your inner self. By fully understanding your given capacity will help you to decide what is the best for you in every opportunity that comes to your life.

Generally, our services will help people to know their capacity in their personal lives as well as in their businesses.

Career progression
Are you satisfied with your current job? Do you think you need a career change? Do you have difficulties to choose what your passion is? We will help you to identify your passion, strength, type of industry and nature of job that is suitable for you as these are the ultimate factors that make you successful in your career life. If you really know which way to go, then you will get the real journey of life.

Business Relationship
We can help you to find out your quality of relationship with your direct superior, colleagues and subordinates. Moreover if you are an entrepreneur, we can analyze your potential business. partner to ensure he/she will be your ideal partner to grow your business together.

Marriage Life
Everybody expects to have an endless marriage life. Unfortunately some people don’t end up with such condition. Bazi analysis can be used to detect your marriage life. Moreover you can uncover your relationship with your children as well as to detect what is best for your children’s development, academically and psychologically.

Your health is your most important asset. Bazi analysis can be used to find out the organs that you should be more concern with. Please keep in mind, although you have known your organs’ weaknesses, you should go to a doctor to check up your health. Prevention is much better than curing. Life is a Precious Gift so never neglect your health. Live a healthy life!