Maximize your House’s Qi in the year 2016

The year Bing Shen will be started in February 4, 2016. It is very common that people concern with their luck.Therefore every year they visit alamanac books or BaZi master to know their annual luck. Personally I agree with that as knowing our opportunities and threat, we are able to create our plan better.

In this section I write down some clues that people can improve their life quality by using positive energy and avoid the negative energy from their house.

Firstly, you should spent enough time at favorable areas at your home to conduct your activities.Maybe you will ask to me what is the criteria of “enough time”? The answer is activities that conducted more than 30 minutes can be classified as “enough time”.

Those favorable areas will be listed as follows:
1. South West area will support your ability to earn current wealth.
2. East area will help you to achieve better return on investment.
3. South East area will provide promotor / noblemen to you.
4. West area will help you for success in study.

Furthermore you should avoid negative sectors as follows:
1. Northeast sectors could affect major problems with financial matters.
2. Central area could impact illness
3. North sectors could create negative impact to your relationships such as scandals.

South area can be measured as a neutral area, and can utilized to strengthen your authority.

Secondly you should avoid to do any activities that disturb the earth such as digging, drilling and nailing in several sectors. Those sectors are measured from the central of the property with compass and are listed as follows:
1. Southwest 232.6 – 247.5
2. Northeast 52.6-67.5
3. Southeast 142.6-157.5
4. South 172.6.-187.5
5. Southwest 202.6 -217.5

Now you have been ready to grasph your opportunities and also minimize the negative impact. Good luck!