Enhance Life Quality by Using Positive Sectors in 2017

Every year I write some clues for enhancing our life qualities by using positive energy in certain sectors to do our activities in our properties. This article is valid in the year fire rooster that will be started in 3 February 2017.

In 2017 the positive sectors are located at South East, East, North East and North sector and I advise you to do your activities in those area at your property. Activities that I explained in this article are any activities that you spend more than 30 minutes in those areas included any activities that “disturb” the earth such as nailing the wall and drilling the land.

The effect of each sectors are shown as follows:

South East : Enhancing Investment related
East : Supporting wealth accumulated
North East : Helping academic activities
North : Strengthening power or authorities related

I also suggest you to minimize or avoiding activities in the negative sectors as follows :
South : Serious disaster related with wealth and accidents
South West : Conflict
West : Arguments
North West : Illness

Some people asked me the effect by using those sectors to them. The answer is depend on their Ba Zi Chart and their efforts to make self improvements. However you never know the result if you never try it. Good luck.