the-precious-life The Precious Life Consulting is a consulting firm, based in Jakarta, that has committed to help people to upgrade their quality of life through applied Chinese metaphysics discipline.

Company Motto
Our company motto is “Bring Your Precious Life to the Fullest”.

Cornelius is the founder of The Precious Life Consulting a Chinese Metaphysics consulting firm, based in Jakarta and his mission is to assist people for improving their quality of life through applied Chinese metaphysics disciplines.

Cornelius earned his Master Degree in International Business and Finance and he has more than 15 years working experiences in finance area. Currently he works as a General Manager in the biggest motorcycle producer and distributor in Jakarta.

His interest in Chinese metaphysics led him taking a formal education of Chinese Metaphysics at Mastery Academy, a Chinese Metaphysics school in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. In the year 2011, he earned BaZi and Fengshui certification from Mastery Academy.

Today Cornelius provides BaZi, FengShui and ZeRi consultancy for personal and corporation purposes.