What is Chinese Methaphysics?

It is a study about the relationship between human beings and nature to enhance people quality of life.

Human beings have desires to earn the quality of life represented by health, wealth and good relationship with others. Destiny, Environment, Time and Human Efforts are 4 main factors that influence the quality of one’s life.

Each person is born with different type of capacity to keep up his/her health, to generate wealth and to build relationship with others. By knowing these capacity will help him/her to focus on maximizing the opportunites and minimizing the losses in the future in his/her life. BaZi is one of the Chinese metaphysics disciplines to discover one’s destiny (capacity) to live his/her life to the fullest.

The second factor to be managed properly is the environment. The positive environment can be created through managing “The Qi Flow” in our residence or our office. Feng shui is another Chinese metaphysics discipline that studies the affect of environment to one’s life. Through Feng shui, people can mitigate their weaknesses that have been diagnosed by BaZi analysis. In short we can say BaZi is a diagnosis and Feng shui is the prescription.

The third factor is time, as doing the right thing at the right time will generate maximum result to us. ZeRi (date selection) is another Chinese Metaphysics dicipline that helps us to determine the right time to conduct our activities in order to generate the maximum result.

Bear in mind that last but not least is our own effort to pursue our dream. Human beings have the right to pursue happiness; yet they have a responsibility to respect their lifes.

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